About Mormon Stewardship

We are called to be take an active role as stewards

Latter day prophets and apostles have called on us to be good stewards of the earth.  Only a few examples are included here.  You can find an extensive collection of LDS quotes on the other sub-tab under Mormon Stewardship or at : http://mormonmatters.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/JRCLS-Lesson-on-the-Environment-_Updated.pdf  

“Stewardship” is a broad term, and there are many ways to be a good steward.  Detail on how or what “good stewards” do  is purposely left in the realm of individual inspiration, conscience and creativity.  But we are directly cautioned to take action to preserve and protect the earth, and to keep our soil, air and water pure.  MESA is thrilled that the Church of Jesus of Latter Day Saints’  “Newsroom-The OFFICIAL RESOURCE for NEWS MEDIA, OPINION LEADERS and the PUBLIC” has recently published a permanent page on its official website concerning environmental stewardship and conservation.   See http://www.mormonnewsroom.org/article/environmental-stewardship-conservation.  This site has many wonderful links to quotes and talks given by LDS leaders. 

Brigham Young color photo Pres. Brigham Young’s concern for the environment was driven by his belief that the spiritual and temporal are not separate, but are inextricably intertwined. Accordingly, he saw spiritual and physical pollution as one and the same: “You  are here commencing anew . . . . The soil, the air, the water are all pure and healthy. Do not suffer them to become polluted with air, the water are all pure and healthy. Do not suffer them to become polluted with wickedness. Strive to preserve the elements from being contaminated by the filthy, wicked conduct and sayings of those who pervert the intelligence God has bestowed upon the human family.”

SWK_heroPres. Spencer W. Kimball said, “When I review the performance of this people in comparison with what is expected, I am appalled and frightened … I have the feeling that the good earth can hardly bear our presence upon it…. The Brethren constantly cry out against that which is intolerable in the sight of the Lord: against pollution of mind, body and our surroundings.  We recommend to all people that there be no undue pollution, that the land be taken care of and kept clean, productive and beautiful.  If we choose to defile the earth, we must live with the stench, sickness, death, and ugliness of a ravaged environment, and will answer to the creator for desecrating his property.  The Lord does not interrupt free agency, and he suspends the consequences of poor exercise of agency only for the repentant.  Again our options narrow down to either desecration or consecration.  If we choose consecration, the fullness of a renewed, paradisiacal earth will be ours, and we will inherit all the Father has.  If we choose desecration, we will remain under degraded conditions, and the Lord will weep over our loss.”

Pres.-Hinckley2_st (1)Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley said, “This earth is His creation. When we make it ugly, we offend him.  When man pollutes the world, spiritually or temporally, God and nature suffer. Moses 7:48 says the earth mourned and Enoch asked, ‘Wilt thou not have compassion upon the earth?’  Well may we all chime in with Enoch!”

Neal A. Maxwell photoApostle Neal A. Maxwell said, “True disciples…would be consistent environmentalists – caring both about maintaining the spiritual health of a marriage and preserving a rain forest: caring about preserving the nutrient capacity of a family as well as provident a healthy supply of air and water….Adam and Eve were to “dress the garden, “not exploit it.  Like them, we are to keep the commandments, so that we can enjoy all the resources God has given us.”

Elder Marcus Nash, First Quorum of the Seventy, speaking at Hinckley Institute in May of 2013, stated: “Latter-day Saints believe heaven will be this earth in a perfected state.  May we care for this earth, our MESA- Elder Marcus Nash photopresent and future home….I try, always unsuccessfully, to take in the eternity in my gaze.  I marvel at the quiet knowledge that despite the vastness of the universe, God knows you and knows me.  The better we care for this world the better it will care for us.  See his entire speech on the Church’s office website:  http://www.mormonnewsroom.org/article/elder-nash-stegner-symposium 

The gospel of Jesus Christ allows us to think beyond ourselves—to the natural world and future generations. It will teach us to care for the earth. A despoiled earth is the effect of selfishness….Nature in its pristine state brings us closer to seeing God in His majesty and power.  It bears silent but eloquent witness of the Creator.”

MESA guerilla-gardening-adam

MESA members have found many ways to be good stewards of the earth, from tending a garden to reforesting denuded hillsides.MESA- helping hands reforesting Haiti photo

Others have stepped up to join with other environmental advocates to ask Chevron to halt Tar Sands refining in Utah.

Ty photo at Tar Sands Rally

MESA member speaks out at Tar Sands Rally

Others have called on local leaders to address the serious health challenge caused by polluted air along the Wasatch Front.   MESA- Ty at Stewart Townhall rally photo

And in another rally, they pressed an incinerator of toxic waste products to cease its operation near the residential area of North Salt Lake City.

MESA Charles at Stericycle protest

We call on all MESA members to consider the multitude of ways in which we can act as individuals or in groups to protect our earth & its countless species of plants and animals that make up our magnificent web of life!