Photos from the ‘Clean Air, No Excuses’ Rally

Photo- MESA at the podium at the Clean Air Rally 01-25-14 Photo-Ty in the crowd at the CLEAN AIR rallyMESA’s group of followers along the Wasatch Front, including Salt Lake City and environs aligned with other ‘Clean Air’ activist groups in the area to support the largest ‘Clean Air’ rally in U.S. history.  With nearly 5,000 people (including over 100 families) gathered at the Utah State Capitol on Saturday, January 25th, 2014, we proclaimed Utah’s air shed as belonging to the people who breathe it rather than the industries that pollute it.  Local and national media were there, as well as many of our local and state officials and representatives.   Here are some of the photos of our pollution, of the flyers advertising the rally in print and those on several facebook pages, of rally posters, of speakers, organizers, and rally attendees.  We are including links to media video coverage and newsprint articles of the event. Photo- smokestack polluting our atmospherePhoto- Smokestacks polluting SLC's air

Photo- Charles holds up MESA sign at CLEAN AIR rally

Photo- SLC's bad air quality Photo- Ty at podium at Clean Air Rally Photo- SLC's Clean Air, No Excuses Poster2 Photo- Grim Reaper over the Salt Lake valley Photo- Clean Air, No Excuses Poster Photo- Clean Air, No Excuses Rally 1-25-14 Photo- SLC's Clean Air, No Excuses Poster3 Photo- Clean Air, No Excuses Rally2-1-25-14 Photo- MESA's banner at the rally1

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