MESA’s Utah Clean Air Initiative

Photo- SLC's Clean Air, No Excuses Poster2See our ‘CLEAN AIR’ facebook page at

MESA members located in Utah created a local action group to focus primarily upon the problem of poor air quality along the Wasatch Front and Cache Valley area of Utah.  These areas are prone to seasonal inversions caused by high pressure systems that trap pollution in valleys surrounded by hills or mountains.  Over the past decade, Utah’s air quality has been among the worst in the nation, yet Utah’s political leaders have given mostly lip service to the problem.  Air Quality and EQ boards and commissions appointed by Governor Herbert have been stacked with CEO’s of Utah’s major polluters.   But the people of Utah have become ‘fed up’ with being told every year that they need to drive less when polluting industries seem always to get their expansion permits and a free pass on emissions violations time and time again.  Finally, enough was enough.  MESA and its allies in the ‘Clean Air’ community joined together to promote the largest ‘Clean Air’ rally Utah (and probably the nation) has ever seen!  Here’s the official poster of the “Clean Air, No Excuses” Rally held at the state capitol on January 25th, 2014.   MESA members participated in the rally, and some of their signs can be seen in several of the photos.   Between 4-5,000 attended this rally, the largest ever recorded at the state capitol, and probably the largest ‘clean air’ rally in the nation.


Photo- Ty at podium at Clean Air Rally

Photo- MESA's banner at the rally1

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