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  • Ben

    This looks like a great group– I’m excited to be a part of it! Ty, thanks for your recent letter in the Tribune about Bears’ Ears– that’s what broke the news about MESA. Good to see my South Cache Earth Systems teacher from 1996 as a member– Mr. Hellstern! (I’ll be in touch about Envirothon, etc.)

  • Kirk Robinson


    UCARE News Release … For immediate release Nov. 9, 2016


    Rocky Mountain Power (RMP) today requested a new electricity rate
    structure designed to curtail what it calls the “exponential growth”
    of rooftop solar power in Utah. In its filing with the Public Service
    Commission, the utility complains that the number of net-metering
    customers has grown by 160 percent in the past year. RMP wants
    special authority to drastically raise power bills for new residential
    solar customers without having to go through the normal rate case
    process that includes public hearings.

    Under the rate change that would take effect December 10th, new
    solar customers would have to pay a whopping $9.02 per kilowatt during
    peak hours compared with the 3.8-cent kWh charge during off-peak
    periods. The basic net metering customer charge would rise to $15
    monthly, a new application fee would be imposed, and applicants would
    have to sign a revised interconnection agreement acknowledging that
    the new rate structure is temporary and subject to change.

    Existing rooftop solar customers would be “grandfathered” to keep
    the current net metering rate. But RMP’s filing warns that the status
    of grandfathered customers will be reviewed in a future PSC proceeding.

    The utility’s argument for raising rooftop solar rates is based on
    a set of spurious claims reiterated in today’s PSC filing:
    … that the results of RMP’s cost-of-service load studies satisfy
    the PSC’s 2015 rulings;
    … that the costs of rooftop solar exceed its benefits rather than
    vice versa;
    … that net metering customers unfairly shift costs to non-solar customers.

    UCARE urges the PSC to reject RMP’s request for a waiver of due
    process; and to instead require the utility to present its claims
    and evidence in the next general rate case, which could be filed at
    year’s end.

    “This is Rocky Mountain Power’s latest assault on rooftop solar in
    Utah,” according to UCARE spokesman David Bennett. “And it’s so
    outrageous that they had to file this request under cover of all the
    election news today. RMP-PacifiCorp would try to shut down a clean
    energy alternative that barely represents one percent of Utah’s energy
    production, but already employs 3,300 Utahns. All because the
    corporation doesn’t want to compete with citizen-generated power.”

    Bennett added that “They are trying to set the stage for a fiasco
    similar to what their sister utility did in Nevada last year. Make
    solar unattractive. Solar businesses leave the state, lawsuits are
    filed, people trying to do the right thing are penalized. It’s a mess
    for the state.”


    For more information, contact:

    David Bennett …
    (435) 731-7000

    Stan Holmes …
    (801) 712-5886


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