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 Who are MESA Members?

Membership Qualifications

MESA members are those who support MESA’s Mission Statement and have registered as members of the MESA website by giving themselves a user I.D. and password using a web form which identifies their name, email and zipcode address.  Although there is no sign-up fee at this time, we strongly encourage donations of any amount to grow this organization into one that will play a significant role in protecting our earth.

Role of MESA Members

MESA members may participate in our online Blogs (see MESA Posts), participate in discussions, make motions or offer resolutions in regular membership meetings (or at the discretion of the MESA co-chairs, by email or online poll), vote on motions or resolutions in regular membership meetings (or online membership polls), may propose new MESA initiatives or MESA endorsement of policy positions.

Leadership Meetings

Any MESA member may attend MESA’s monthly ELC meetings either in person or by electronic means (Skype or other).  Membership meetings shall be chaired by a MESA Executive Leadership Committee (ELC) co-chair or designee, who shall prepare and distribute by email (and on the MESA Facebook and web pages) meeting agendas at least two days in advance of the ELC meeting.  Meetings may from time to time be cancelled by the ELC co-chair or designee at his or her discretion.  Meeting minutes shall be prepared for review and approval by the ELC, by a person designated for that purpose at the beginning of each meeting.

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