MESALeadershipGroupPhoto_20130907_001Govenance of MESA is by vote of the general membership in regular monthly membership meetings, or by means of online membership surveys (see bylaws).

Statement of Leadership Philosophy

Though it may eventually incorporate as a 501-C-3 or 501-C-4, and/or even as a for-profit corporation, Mormon Environmental Stewardship is and should continue to function more like a “movement” than a “corporation”.    With respect to organizational structure and function it will be more like the U.S. Civil Rights,  “Occupy” or “Arab Spring” movements, than like a for-profit or non-profit corporation.

“Movements” are the sum total, the gestalt, of the random (or coordinated) spontaneous individual creativity and initiative of dozens to thousands of voluntary movement participants.   In “movements”, the participants act entirely of their free will and there is no requirement that all participants act in unison.   Indeed, movements thrive upon diversity, debate, and competition in an open marketplace for ideas.

In this spirit, MESA emphasizes the value of openness and diversity.   It is characterized by intuitive sponteneity, allows freedom to innovate, and is highly democratic.  It empowers individuals by cultivating and nurturing individual as well as collaborative initiative.

Any collaborative venture, including a political “movement”, will require some form of leadership in consensus building, policy making, and logistical decision-making.   Our philosophy is to keep “leadership” democratic and decentralized,  but we recognize only a few people within our movement will have the time, energy and commitment to handle the management of resources and decision-making with respect to governance and policy.   Governance should be minimalist, leaving maximum freedom for innovation by movement participants–but should be sufficient to competently manage such tasks as setting up web sites and communications systems,  management of funding , accounting, and staff, and any other logistics necessary to the fulfillment of MESA goals and objectives.

Meetings of the general membership are normally held on the second Saturday of each month, as announced/confirmed on this web site and on the Mormon Environmental Stewardship Facebook page.

Administrative affairs are managed by an Executive Leadership Committee which holds monthly meetings usually on the last Saturday of the month or otherwise as posted on this web site and the MESA Facebook page.