What Is MESA?

“MESA” is the nickname of Mormon Environmental Stewardship Alliance, which is a grassroots organization of both LDS church members and friends who support our mission statement.  We advocate, often alongside other environmental groups, for the protection of life-sustaining resources of the natural world upon which all life on Earth depends.

MESA incorporated in 2014 and obtained 501-C3 non-profit status in 2016.  We do not pretend to speak or act on behalf of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and have no affiliation with the Church other than being  members of the church who see the gravity of the present situation and feel inspired by the teachings of the gospel to take actions to preserve our life-giving, sustainable ecosystems.  What to do in particular is not defined by MESA.  While we host open discussions in meetings, on this website and on social media regarding what actions are necessary, effective and ethical, we hesitate to prescribe how members should get involved. This is left to individuals; and active involvement by members or chapters is supported by the MESA infrastructure.

MESA is an activist organization.  Praying for the environment and studying the issues is often not enough.  We support the sharing of verifiable scientific and political information.  We promote understanding, compassion and  civility of discourse.  And we encourage leadership, activism, enthusiasm and commitment.

The story of MESA’s formation was first featured in a major newpaper article on May 15th, 2013 after an interview with two of its founding members.  The Salt Lake Tribune article (inserted below) iterates some of MESA’s values, vision, and hopes.

To visit Peg McEntee’s article click on the following link:  http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/news/56317211-78/utah-mcentee-culture-environment.html.csp