UTAH- 2014 first legislative session

2014- In Utah’s first legislative session bills, policies, and appropriations endorsed by MESA

MESA supports all of the ‘Clean Air’ Bills in the 2014 session.  Please ask our state senators and representatives to pass and fund the ‘clean air’ bills!


* We support SB 164 & HB 121:  repeals a law that restricts Utah’s DAQ and DEQ from imposing stricter limits on pollution than theSmokestacks with quote-polluting-SLCs-air EPA minimum.


* We support  HB 3882 which will create a state Sustainability Coordinator position.


* We support HB 61 which will pave the way for grants to retrofit older diesel engines, and encourage the replacement of polluting landscaping maintenance equipment.


* We support HB 41 that funds a transition to clean-fuel-powered school buses and infrastructure.


* We oppose  SB 208 that adds a surcharge on ratepayers whose rooftop solar panels are “net metered” back to the grid.


* We oppose SB 139 to increase registration fees on clean fuel cars.


* We oppose HB 229 that narrows the definition of greenhouse gases.


Posted Feb. 25th by Kirk Robinson

Dear friend of Utah wildlife:

The endangered Sage Grouse has functioned in Utah as a kind of ‘canary in the coal mine’ when itSage Grouse comes to protecting the beautiful wildlands and fragile ecosystems in our state.   If you want to conserve the sage grouse AND conserve the use of our taxes, please do the following.  Do it  while you are on the computer – it will only take three minutes:

Email each of the legislators on the Executive Appropriations Committee list below and say something like: “I am a citizen of Utah and I strongly urge you NOT to appropriate money for hiring lobbyists or lawyers to forestall sage grouse listing!  It will be a waste of money and is not in the interest of either the sage grouse or Utah citizens.”  Put “No money for sage grouse control” in the subject line.  If you know that one of the members of the EAC is your Senator or Representative, be sure to state that at the beginning of your message.  If you want to personalize the message, please do so.   But please do it NOW.  There won’t be enough money in the budget to cover all the proposed appropriations anyway, so let’s get this particular item cut.  Doing this will enable you to enjoy this beautiful day with a clear conscience!

 Sen. Lyle Hillyard <lhillyard@le.utah.gov>, Rep. Mel Brown, Co-Chair <melbrown@le.utah.gov>, Sen. Jerry Stevenson, Vice Chair <jwstevenson@le.utah.gov>, Rep. Brad Wilson, Vice Chair <bradwilson@le.utah.gov>,Sen. Stuart Adams <jsadams@le.utah.gov>, Rep. Brad Dee <bdee@le.utah.gov>,Rep. Greg Hughes <greghughes@le.utah.gov>,Rep. Joel Briscoe      <jbriscoe@le.utah.gov>,Rep. Rebecca Chavez-Houck <rchouck@le.utah.gov>,Rep. Tim Cosgrove <tcosgrove@le.utah.gov>,  Sen. Luz Robles <lrobles@le.utah.gov>, Sen. Pete Knudson <pknudson@le.utah.gov>, Sen. Gene Davis <gdavis@le.utah.gov>,  Rep. Becky Lockhart <blockhart@le.utah.gov>, Sen. Pat Jones <patjones@djasurvey.com>, Rep. Don Ipson <dipson@le.utah.gov> Sen. Wayne Niederhauser <wniederhauser@le.utah.gov>, Rep. Jennifer Seelig   jseelig@le.utah.gov


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