Stericycle Update Press Conference Needs MESA Support

Photo inversion in SLCThis information came yesterday from Brian Moench, MD

Date(s) – 11/14/2013
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Salt Lake County Building- County Council Chambers

Info:  There are three points to be made at the press conference. 

1.  The Governor’s Health Study is completely inadequate, and waiting for months for it to be completed is no excuse for Gov. Herbert not to shut down the incinerator now.

 2.  UPHE will be sending a letter to all of Stericycle’s customers asking them to stop sending waste to Stericycle.  

3.  There are better, cheaper, safer alternatives to incineration available right now and we will allow some of those companies to talk to the media at the press conference.  

Attached is a report from UPHE explaining why the Governor’s health study is inadequate and a rebuttal to claims made by Stericycle. If any of you can come to the press conference, please let me know.  We need at least two more physicians to help us give the presentation.  Please let me know if you can participate.

From: brian moench []
Sent: Sunday, November 10, 2013 8:05 PM
Subject: UPHE News/Action Items

 Nov. 10, 2013

 Dear UPHE folks:

 Update on several UPHE issues:


No word from the judge regarding his ruling.  We’re still anxiously awaiting.

Stopping Tesoro Refinery Expansion

The case is still before the court.  Our attorneys at Western Resource Advocates will be filing new briefs this week.  

Stopping Holly Refinery expansion

Insiders told us that DAQ was poised to grant the new, “improved”, revised permit for Holly, but that was two weeks ago and nothing has been announced.  We sent several last minute letters to EPA and DAQ–just maybe DAQ is reconsidering.  We interpret this as another set back for Holly, thanks to UPHE.

Wood burning

Attached are the comments that UPHE made to DAQ on wood burning.  I urge you to look them over so that you can familiarize yourself with the issue.  On Tuesday, UPHE is meeting with members of the Salt Lake City Council, urging them to support a Salt Lake City ordinance that would phase out wood burning within city limits.

 PM2.5 SIP

This is an over simplification, but the state’s plan to achieve compliance with national air quality standards for acute spikes in particulate pollution (PM2.5 SIP) is unacceptable for three reasons.  1.  It illegally and inexcusably delays compliance until 2019.  2.  The modeling of  what it takes to achieve compliance indicates that we will only achieve compliance under the most optimistic of circumstances.  3.  It allows industry to expand and pollute more, including allowing Kennecott an increase in emissions of 50%.

How You Can Help…Take Action Now

1.  Come to the Stericycle press conference on Thursday.  Help us give the presentation if possible.  Let me know ASAP.

2.  Call the Governor’s office, 801 538-1000, and tell the Governor to use his authority to close Stericycle down now!

 3.  e-mail Amanda Smith (DEQ Director) and tell her not approve the Holly Refinery expansion…

 4.  Call and e-mail the EPA–Mike Owens–and tell them not to allow the Holly refinery expansion.   303-312-6440

 5.  e-mail members of the Salt Lake City Council ask them to support a phase out wood burning in Salt Lake City:

Mendenhall, Erin <>

 6.  Send us your phone number so we can start “twittering” timely messages on our multiple air quality battles.

7.  Get five friends to do what you just did.

8.  Donate–It takes money to fight these battles in court.  It’s this simple:  the more money we raise, the less likelihood of the refineries and Kennecott expanding and polluting more.

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