Advisory Committee

Role of Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee members participate in leadership and membership meetings, to provide ideas and advice to the MESA leadership and membership.  For either leadership or membership meetings they may offer agenda items, participate in discussion, and may offer resolutions or motions, but may not second motions and may not vote on them.  They may make nominations for additions to the Advisory Committee but may not vote on them.

Criteria for Service on Advisory Committee

Advisory committee members are persons with experience or expertise which is useful to any activity of the MESA leadership or membership;  they may be LDS church members or non-members.

Means of Appointment

AC members may be nominated by any MESA member or AC member.   They are appointed by a simple majority vote in ELC meetings, and confirmed “by affirmation” in a subsequent meeting of the General Membership.

Term of Service

Same as for ELC members (3 year term renewable for 1 term.)

Current Advisory Committee Members

hans    Hans Ehrbar is a professor of economics at the University of Utah.  He is expert in statistical mathematics and in the theory and practice of Marxism.   He has been deeply involved in many different environmental issues in Utah, with a particular emphasis on  climate change and renewable energy technology and policy.  He is the host of a Renewable Energy Policy for Utah email list serve which is an important nexus for idea exchange in the area of climate change action policy.


Ray Wheeler photo

Ray Wheeler is director of the Earth Restoration Network, a web platform to host, cultivate and promote masterplanning for large and small scale eclogical restoration projects world wide.   The Network provides tools for self-reporting by ecosystem restoration experts working at every scale and in every biome and ecosystem;  it also develops conceptual tools for holistic resolution of economic and political barriers to ecosystem restoration.  Its first deliverable was a 510 page masterplan to move the U.S. to full sustainability for food, water, and carbon-free, nuclear free energy within one lifetime.

Richard Dick has a Ph.D. in Medical Biophysics and Computing, and is a veteran of both the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Medicine (NAS IOM).  He has a unique blend of education and Health Informatics experiences that have brought international recognition for advancing electronic health record technologies (EHR, EMR, PHR.  He literally “wrote the book”  on this technology.  Now widely recognized for launching the EMR industry from multiple standpoints: as a visionary, a designer/architect, and industry spokesperson.  Dr. Dick has consulted for over 100 companies, including Fortune 100 companies including GE, Lockheed Martin, as well as healthcare providers and Health IT for governments worldwide. Dr. Dick is the recipient of national awards for Applied Medical Informatics. Designed and built the largest Rx databases in America (e.g. 270M+ American’s Rx data updated by all 52,000 retail pharmacies every 24 hours) and sold that company to United Healthcare.